AustMS NZMS 7th Australia - New Zealand Mathematics Convention

Information for students

Financial support for student attendees of the conference

The conference fees are heavily discounted for all student attendees, and include the conference dinner on Thursday 11 December. Students should make every effort to attend the dinner, since the student prizes will be announced and awarded there.

Additional financial support for Australian students

The Australian Mathematical Society will provide up to AUD $250 to student members of the AustMS attending this conference, provided they are presenting a paper and travelling from Australia. This will be paid by the Society, upon application to the Treasurer.

Please contact AustMS for details.

Additional financial support for NZ students

Thanks to NZIMA sponsorship, post-graduate students enrolled at a New Zealand University (outside the Christchurch area) may check a box on the registration form to apply to the conference organisers for a small travel grant. (Grants of up to $100 will be available, depending on applicant numbers.)

Student Prizes

B.H. Neumann Student prize

At the meeting in Christchurch in December 2008, the B.H. Neumann Student Prize, consisting of $600 and a certificate, will be awarded for the best student talk given by any full-time student member of either the Australian or the New Zealand Mathematical Societies.

Students will need to confirm eligibility for this award via a check-box on the registration page.

NZMS Aitken Prize (NZMS Student Prize)

The NZ Mathematical Society offers a prize for the best contributed talk by a student at the annual NZ Mathematics Colloquium. (Note: the 2008 NZ Mathematics Colloquium is incorporated in the Convention.)

This prize is known as the Aitken Prize, in honour of the New Zealand born mathematician Alexander Craig Aitken, and was offered for the first time at the 1995 Colloquium held in conjunction with the Aitken Centenary Conference at the University of Otago. The prize consists of a cheque for NZ$250, accompanied by a certificate. Entrants for the prize must be enrolled (or have been enrolled) for a degree in Mathematics at a university or other tertiary institution in New Zealand in the year of the award. During the Colloquium, they give a talk on a topic in any branch of the mathematical sciences. Entrants indicate their willingness to be considered for the prize via a check-box on the registration page.