Biological Modelling Courses

Biological modelling is a broad area encompassing students from a wide range of backgrounds. We are currently home to students from Bioengineering, Ecology, Microbiology, Mathematics, Statistics and more. The University of Canterbury does not currently offer a formal major in biological modelling, but students can design their own programme from courses in various subjects. Students may choose to major in biology, mathematics or statistics and supplement that with courses in complimentary subjects.

Recommended Courses:

100 level
MATH102 MATH102 Mathematics 1A
MATH103 MATH103 Mathematics 1B
MATH170 MATH170 Mathematical Modelling and Computation
MATH102 BIOL111 Cellular Biology & Biochemistry
MATH102 BIOL112 Ecology, Evolution & Conservation

200 level
MATH201 MATH201 Mathematics 2
MATH202 MATH202 Differential Equations
MATH270 MATH270 Mathematical Modelling and Computation 2
STAT211 STAT211 Random Processes
BIOL253 BIOL253 Cell Biology 1
BIOL270 BIOL270 Ecology
BIOL271 BIOL271 Evolution

300 level
MATH302 MATH302 Partial Differential Equations
MATH353 MATH353 Computational Mathematics and Applications
MATH363 MATH363 Dynamical Systems
BIOL371 BIOL371 Evolutionary Ecology
BIOL373 BIOL373 Behavioural Ecology
BIOL378 BIOL378 Population Ecology and Conservation

400 level
MATH401 MATH401 Dynamical Systems
MATH406 MATH406 Mathematical Modelling in Biology
MATH407 MATH407 Stochastic Processes

Other Relevant Courses

BIOL212 BIOL212 Marine Biology and Ecology
BIOL273 BIOL273 New Zealand Biodiversity and Biosecurity
BIOL351 BIOL351 Cell Biology 2
BIOL374 BIOL374 Marine Ecosystems

MATH203 MATH203 Linear Algebra
MATH303 MATH303 Applied Matrix Algebra
MATH365 MATH365 Applications of Complex Variables
MATH414 MATH414 Computational Methods
MATH417 MATH417 Computational Fluid Mechanics
MATH429 MATH429 Combinatorics

STAT201 STAT201 Applied Statistics
STAT213 STAT213 Statistical Inference
STAT221 STAT221 Modern Statistical Computation and Simulation
STAT312 STAT312 Sampling Methods
STAT315 STAT315 Multivariate Statistical Methods

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