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MATH352-11S1 (C)

Applied Matrix Algebra A

This is a first semester course worth 15 points.

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Posted by Richard Brown on March 24 2011, 3:50 pm

Hi everyone

As you may have been noticing, I've been gradually transitioning to Learn instead of the Maths Department website. I noticed that the majority of you were downloading the videos from Learn, instead of YouTube, and so I thought it made sense to base the course there instead.

So as of now, come to Learn for all your Math 352 goodies! Recently added: Introduction to Matlab Guide (disclaimer: I wrote this four years ago, but it still should all be correct - I hope!), and the solutions to Tutorial 1. Matlab solutions to Class 1 will follow shortly (along with the next lectures).

There's also a forum where you can ask questions that you think might be of interest to the whole class, or where you can chat about stuff.



Course Information

This course provides a practical outline of the algebra of matrices and the associated computational methods. These topics lay the foundation of much of modelling with discrete methods, especially in optimisation.


Problems in parameter estimation by linear, nonlinear and total least squares, together with the relevant matrix factorisations. Newton's method for systems of non-linear equations. Introduction to non-linear optimisation.

Class Representative

Recommended reading

Watkins, Fundamental of Matrix Computations, Wiley, 2nd ed.

Golub and Van Loan, Matrix Computations, North Oxford Academic, 3rd ed.

Fletcher, Practical Methods of Optimisation, Wiley, 1st or 2nd ed.

Poole, Linear Algebra, 2nd ed.


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