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STAT220-06W (U)

Applied Statistical Techniques

This is a full year course worth 22 points.

Course Information

The aim of this full year course is to provide a practical introduction to the application of statistical techniques including analysis of variance, linear regression, design of experiments, and sample surveys. The course focuses on analysing data and covers most of the range of standard analysis techniques.

This course is of interest to students majoring in statistics, as well as students from other subjects (biology, commerce, etc) who want to increase their statistical knowledge. The computer software package SAS is used but no prior knowledge is needed.


Sample surveys, linear models, experimental design and regression analysis.

Class Representative

Recommended reading

Schaeffer, Mendenhall and Ott, Elementary Survey Sampling, Duxbury, Latest Ed.

Others to be advised.


STAT220-06W(U) is being semesterised in 2007.

It will become:

 • STAT222-07S1(U) Applied Statistics

 • STAT224-07S2(U) Regression Modelling.

The syllabi of the two new courses combine to be essentially the same as for STAT220. The emphasis of the course (covering a wide range of statistical techniques for application to real life dataset/problems) is also unchanged.

The only difference is that STAT224 Regression Modelling does not require STAT222 as a pre-requisite.

Regression modelling requires only STAT111, STAT112 or STAT131 as pre-requisite.


Assoc. Prof. Carl Scarrott
Room 721 Erskine Building
Phone Extension 8338