Cass Workshop 2013

Cass Workshop 2013
Networks of life

Sunday 17th - Monday 25th February, 2013

Cass 2013


Cass Field Station
Arthur's Pass
New Zealand

Workshop co-ordinator:

Mike Steel
Mathematics and Statistics Department
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8041
Phone: (03) 364 2600 ext.7688
Fax: (03) 364 2587


2009 This meeting is by invitation only (if interested contact Mike Steel)

Funding from the NZ Marsden Fund and Allan Wilson Centre.

Information for participants:

There are NO scheduled talks - besides your laptop, bring plenty of paper, pens, and ideas. Also bring some hiking shoes/jacket. Be prepared to do your own cooking (there are no shops or cafes nearby). There is little (if any) phone or internet access. There is no charge for invited participants, but you may wish to bring along some of your own food, particularly if you have a special diet (eg. vegetarian), and some refreshments.

Previous Cass Workshops

  • Cass13 - Networks of life
  • ABaCass2012 - A(lgebraic)B(iology)a(t)CASS)2012
  • Cass09 - Wild ideas: speculations in theoretical evolutionary biology
  • Cass07 - Random models in phylogenetics and resolving ancient divergences
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Photograph Galley page from Cass Workshop 2013.
Photograph Galley page from Cass Workshop 2009.
Photograph Galley page from previous Cass workshops.

Group photo from 2009 Accommodation:

Cass Field Station has bunkrooms. Please bring a sleeping bag and pillowcase. More information is available on the Cass Field Station website.

Getting there:

TranzAlpine ($178 return)
Sunday 17 February 2013:
    Departing Christchurch:         8:15am. 
    Arriving Cass:                 10:12am.

Monday 25 February 2013:
    Departing Cass:                 4:19pm.
    Arriving Christchurch:          6:05pm.

Atomic Travel ($70 return)
Daily (Chch to Cass) :
    Departing Christchurch airport: 6:30am. 
    Departing Christchurch:         7:30am.
    Arriving Cass turn-off:         9:10am.    

Daily (Cass to Chch):
    Departing Cass turn-off:        3:40pm (approx - best get there early).
    Arriving Christchurch:          5:15pm.
West Coast Shuttle
$40 each way to Arthurs Pass. One would need to phone them in Greymouth (or email) to see
if they will stop at Cass turn-off.

We will be taking a minivan up to Cass. Please let us know if you need transport.

  • Biomathematics Research Centre
    University of Canterbury
    Private Bag 4800, Christchurch
    New Zealand
  • Prof. Mike Steel
    Phone +64 3 364 2987 ext 7688
    Fax: +64 3 364 2587
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