Some of the people who are attending and their talk titles

Abby Harrison Massey n/a
Alice Lesser Sweden Hereditarily optimal realisations of consistent metrics
Allen Rodrigo Auckland Phylogenetics and anti-virus therapeutics
Andrew Roger Canada Changing rates-across-sites distributions and long branch attraction
Barbara Holland Massey Combining spectral analysis with the parametric bootstrap to determine how well the best model fits the data.
Charles Semple Canterbury Combining evolutionary trees with dated ancestors
Chris Simon USA n/a
Dan Vanderpool USA Using Bayesian methods for molecular dating: assigning dates to divergences within cicadettini (hemiptera: Cicadidae: tibicininae)
Daniel Huson Germany SplitsTree4.0 - a java frame-work for phylogenetic analysis
David Bryant Canada The representation of evolutionary relationships by phylogenetic networks
David Marshall USA Rapid and convergent evolution of acoustic sexual signals in New Zealand cicadas
David Penny Massey Areas of ignorance
David Welch Auckland n/a
Dietmar Cieslik Germany The problem of "Shortest Connectivity"
Eva Freyhult Sweden A comparative genomics approach to discovering new RNA regularatory elements and genes
Faisal Ababneh Australia Simulating phylogenetic trees with two edges
Frédéric Delsuc France Bayesian Posterior Probabilities and Maximum Likelihood Bootstrap proportions: Oranges versus Apples ?
Graham Byrnes Australia Perturbed neighbour joining and generalised least squares
Greg Ewing Auckland Bayesian MCMC estimation of migration rates in a island population model using serially sampled sequence data
Howard Ross Auckland Using the maximum clique to construct a supertree
James Matheson Massey Using cellular automata to simulate evolutionary problems
Jessica Haywood Auckland The molecular epidemiology of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus in New Zealands domestic and feral cats
Johan Kahrstrom Sweden Norms and the tight span
Katharina Huber Sweden Four characters suffice
Kathy Hill Victoria Using nested clade analysis to understand the population structure of a New Zealand cicada, maoricicada campbelli
Kay Nieselt-Struwe Germany Antisense transcript evolution.
Lars S Jermiin Australia Tracing the decay of the historical signal in sequence data
Matthew Phillips Massey Phylogeny from morphological data
Michael Charleston UK Host / Virus coevolution
Mihaela Baroni Canterbury n/a
Mike Hendy Massey Analytic solutions and bounds for maximum likelihood tree searches
Mike Steel Canterbury Information theory, the logarithmic conjecture, and the unexpected benefits of Lagavulin for reconstructing the distant past.
Nicoleen Cloete Auckland MCMC for a distribution over ancestral selection graphs
Olivier Gascuel France Very fast algorithms for phylogenetic inference
Paul Gardner Massey RiboRace: evolving RNA in-silico
Pete Lockhart Massey n/a
Peter Meintjes Auckland Tests of phylogenetic topologies
Peter Wills Auckland Genetic information and self-organised criticality
Rissa Ota Massey Theoretical and applied results that show that Bayesian posterior probabilities on phylogenies are too liberal
Russell Gray Auckland How old are Indo-European languages? Some Bayesian explorations
Simon Ho Australia Re-evaluating the Cambrian Explosion hypothesis: accounting for violations of the stationarity assumption
Sverker Edvardsson Sweden Folding of RNA - going from 2D to 3D
Thomas Buckley Auckland Species radiations data set heterogeneity: New Zealand alpine cicadas
Tim White Massey Efficiently implementing maximum parsimony search on parallel computer architectures
Tobias Dezulian Germany CGViz- a visualization wizard for genomic data
Tony Larkum Australia The Evolution of Chlorophylls and Bacteriochlorophylls
Vincent Moulton Sweden A new method for visual recombination detection
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