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New Zealand Cyanobacteria

Paul Broady

School of Biological Sciences
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Email: paul.broady@canterbury.ac.nz
Ph. (03) 364-2525

Cyanobacteria are commonly called "Blue-green algae". They are often important components of algal communities in soils, fresh and marine waters and in extreme environments such as desert rocks and hot springs worldwide. The production of toxins by certain species is a phenomenon which is attracting increasing attention. In New Zealand, cyanobacterial members of freshwater lake phytoplankton and river in these habitats is by no means fully known. Cyanobacteria of other habitats have barely been examined. I am using traditional approaches, that is light and electron microscopy of field and cultured specimens, for description of the cyanobacterial flora in wide-ranging habitats.

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