Canterbury Statistics Portal

Statistics events of interest to the Canterbury region.

Why Register?

Members of the public are able to view all the posted events (upcoming and archived).

Registered users will also:

  • receive notifications of events when they are posted and 1 week before the seminar
  • be able to upload new events (subject to moderator approval)
  • be able to edit/postpone events you have uploaded
  • see list of all self-uploaded events in “My events”

Certain users are able to moderate (approve) the events before they are made publicly available. There is at least one moderator within all the key organsations. Moderators will normally approve new event postings within 24 hours. For a more rapid response contact one of the moderators directly.

If you wish to become a moderator, then please contact

Future developments of the seminars service:

  • delete seminars (temporarily the can only be edited/postponed)
  • registered users will be able to stop (and restart) receiving notifications (e.g. whilst out of office)
  • postponed seminars will be listed, but automatically labelled as postponed
  • selectable list of most common seminar locations (to automate information input)
  • searching of seminars (e.g. filtering by location)

Any questions then contact

When Posting Events

Try to be consistent in the information you upload (in particular location and abstract details), this will make accessing information easier for users.

The form for adding events is orientated towards seminars, as this is the most common type of event. User discretion is needed when entering information for other types of event.

The “Event Photo” will be shown against the event on the main “Upcoming Events” page (and archive). If there is no there is no “Event Photo” the “Speaker Photo” is used instead or no picture is displayed.

Make sure the speaker is happy for their email address to be uploaded.