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Publications in refereed journals

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Published 2004-2005

  1. ‘On Complements of Sets and the Efremovič Condition in Pre-apartness Spaces’, (L. Vîţă), J. of Univ. Comp. Sci., 11(12), 2159--2164, 2005.

  2. ‘Products in the category of apartness spaces’ (D. Bridges, H. Ishihara, P. Schuster, L. Vîţă), Cah. Topol. Geom. Differ. Categ., 46, 139--153, 2005.

  3. ‘The constructive uniqueness of the locally convex topology on R’ (D. Bridges, L. Vîţă), in: Proc. Conf. on From Sets and Types to Topology and Analysis, San Servolo, Venice, May 2003; Oxford Logic Guides 48, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 304--314, 2005.

  4. ‘Strong continuity implies uniform sequential continuity’ (D. Bridges, H. Ishihara, P. Schuster, L. Vîţă), Archive for Mathematical Logic, 44(7), 887--895, 2005.

  5. ‘A general constructive proof technique’ (D. Bridges, L. Vîţă), Proceedings of CCA 04, Elsevier, ENTCS 120, 31--43, 2005.

  6. ‘Computing infima on convex sets, with applications in Hilbert spaces’ (D. Bridges, H. Ishihara, L. Vîţă), Proc AMS 132, 2723-2732, 2004.

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