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New Zealand Health and Ageing Research Group

Research group members

  • Dr Hamish Jamieson, University of Otago and Canterbury District Health Board
    Hamish Jamieson is a Medical Specialist in Older Persons Health and is the clinical leader of this research group. Dr Jamieson has an interest in using big data to improve patient outcomes and identify unmet areas of need. He is currently lead investigator on a number of projects funded by the Aging Well National Science Challenge and Royal Australasian College of Physicians that use interRAI data. These include determining risk factors for older people with reduced social engagement, and predicting poor outcomes due to polypharmacy (multiple medications) and dementia.
  • Dr Nigel Millar, Canterbury District Health Board
  • Professor Tim Anderson, Canterbury District Health Board
  • Dr Sally Keeling, University of Otago
  • Deborah Gillon, University of Otago
  • Professor Jennifer Brown, University of Canterbury
    Jennifer Brown is a statistician with interests in using statistics to help improve health and wellbeing.
  • Professor Philip Schluter, University of Canterbury
    Philip Schluter is Professor of health science, New Zealand's inaugural professor of biostatistics, and is passionate about population health. He bring extensive biostatistical and epidemiological knowledge and experience to the interRAI group. He is keen to utilize interRAI data so that decision-makers have quality empirical-evidence upon which to inform their policies and practices, and so that we can understand and improve health of older people in our country for the future.
  • Professor Timothy David, University of Canterbury
  • Professor John Dalrymple-Alford, University of Canterbury
  • Professor Simon Kingham, University of Canterbury
  • Dr Malcolm Campbell, University of Canterbury
  • Dr Paul Beere, University of Canterbury
  • Dr Melanie Tomintz, University of Canterbury
  • Cate Mccall, University of Otago
  • Dr Jennifer Jordan, University of Otago
  • Dr Arindam Basu, University of Canterbury
  • Dr Jackie Broadbent
  • Andrea Menclova, University of Canterbury
  • Jane Large, Facilitator, Health of Older Persons Service Level Alliance, South Island Alliance
  • Andrea Davidson, Canterbury District Health Board
  • Rebecca Abbey, Canterbury District Health Board
  • Associate Professor Ray Kirk, University of Canterbury
  • Dr. Moffat Mathews, University of Canterbury


  • Philip Petrie, University of Canterbury
  • Annabel Boss, University of Canterbury
  • Losana Vao Latu Latu, University of Canterbury
  • Rosie Burn, University of Otago
  • Julia Bergman, University of Canterbury
    Julia is currently completing her MSc Thesis alongside the postgraduate diploma in clinical psychology. She is passionate about older adult health and wellbeing. Together with Professor Kuijer and Professor Dalrymple-Alford, she is hoping to use the InterRAI-HC to compare caregiver outcomes between people diagnosed with Parkinsonís Disease (with and without dementia), Alzheimer's disease (and other dementias) and people who have not received these diagnoses. This study could inform allocation of carer support resources and identify at risk carers in New Zealand.
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