Stratified sampling for skewed populations: beyond the cumulative square root rule

Michael Hayward
University of Canterbury

Stratified sampling is a widely used sample selection technique, particularly for skewed populations encountered in business, agriculture, income, and wealth. An important consideration in stratification design is strata delineation, and is often based of the cumulative square root of frequencies work of Dalenuis and Hodges (1959) and Cochran (1977). This talk will cover investigations in to the success of the cumulative square root approach for a range of skewed populations and comparisons with other recent methods.


  • Cochran, W. G. (1977). Further aspects of stratified sampling. In Sampling techniques (3rd ed.) (pp.115-149). New York, USA: John Wiley & Sons.
  • Dalenius, T., & Hodges, J. L. (1959). Minimum variance stratification. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 54, 88-101.

Session 2a, Sample Surveys: 11:10 — 11:30, Room 031

Presentation Program