Nothing to worry about: problems in the disaggregation of expenditure statistics

Geoffrey Jones
Massey University

Stephen Haslett
Massey University

Jamas Enright
Statistics New Zealand

This project, funded by the StatResearch programme of Statistics New Zealand through the Official Statistics Research and Data Archive Programme (OSRDAC), investigated the use of small-area estimation techniques for breaking down national expenditure statistics into different ethnic groups, with a particular focus on Maori, and into different expenditure groups. Data from the 2001 New Zealand Census were used to add strength to the direct estimates available from the 2001 Household Expenditure Survey via a unit-level regression model. While the method worked successfully for Total Expenditure, the attempt to extend the methodology to estimation of the finer CPI expenditure categories met with some interesting practical and methodological problems.

Session 2c, Social Surveys: 14:15 — 14:35, Room 031

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