The Post-Enumeration Survey-Features of the Estimation Methodology.

Judith Archibald
Statistics New Zealand

Counting more than four million people throughout New Zealand is a major undertaking, and inevitably some people will be missed or counted more than once by the census. Many countries conduct surveys to estimate the populations not enumerated by their censuses. The 2006 Post-enumeration Survey (PES) was the third to be undertaken in New Zealand since the inaugural PES in 1996. The main objective of the 2006 PES was to gauge the level of national coverage (undercount and overcount) in the 2006 Census.

This paper will describe the statistical rationale behind the PES and the principles of the estimation methodology. It will also discuss some methodological extensions to deal with the practicalities of the Census environment.

Session 2c, Social Surveys: 14:35 — 14:55, Room 031

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