Incorporating Biological Information into the Tumour Classification Process.

Debbie Leader
The University of Auckland

The incorporation of biological information into the microarray analysis process has become increasingly important. One reason for doing this is to provide a biologically meaningful interpretation of the analysis results. While the incorporation of such information is well documented in terms of detecting differentially expressed genes, less work has been done on extending these ideas into the classification of biologically distinct samples. We describe a method for incorporating gene set information, such as KEGG pathway or Gene Ontology details into the classification process. This approach utilises principal co-ordinates analysis (PCO) to create a summary of gene set activity, and then uses these summaries as explanatory variables in the classification and prediction process. This procedure is illustrated via application to a breast cancer data set published by Wang et al (2005, The Lancet, vol. 365).

Session 3d, Medical Statistics: 16:00 — 16:20, Room 445

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