Beyond First Year - Prospective Students - Mathematics and Statistics - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Beyond First Year

We offer a wide variety of courses in mathematics and statistics at 200-level and 300-level.

The mathematics course range from abstract pure mathematics through to computer-oriented applied courses. If you are unsure which ones best suit your needs, contact one of the course advisers or the lecturer in charge of the course you are thinking of taking. If you are contemplating an honours degree, include the core courses MATH 102 and MATH 103 in your first year of study. MATH 120 or MATH 170 should also be seriously considered, although neither is essential. At the 200-level, many students leave their options open regarding their preferred subject and take honours in two subjects.

Up to five second-year statistics courses are offered on topics including inference, probability, regression, applied statistics, and computational methods. These courses have STAT 101 and/or MATH 102 as prerequisites. For a degree in statistics, MATH 103 or MATH 199 (STAR course) are also required.

Second Year

You should be doing at least 60 points at the 200-level, including the core courses MATH 201, MATH 202 and MATH 203. MATH 240 is an excellent course to do at some stage. Choose from our other second year courses according to what you are most interested in. In the three main areas, consider:

These programmes place you into what is sometimes referred to as pre-honours in Mathematics or Statistics. At this level, you may wish to leave your options open regarding your preferred subject and take courses in two subjects. Common combinations are Mathematics and Physics, Mathematics and Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics and Economics, Mathematics and Chemistry, but other combinations are possible. No matter in which subject you want to graduate, you should seriously consider taking one of these programmes if you are good at mathematics.

Third Year

You now become more specialised because you are normally concentrating on one subject. Typically you take 60 points of 300-level Mathematics or Statistics. For an honours degree, a further 30 points of 300-level Mathematics or Statistics is required.


You should take the core courses MATH 302, MATH 303, MATH 353 and MATH 363, and choose from our other courses according to your interests. All honours students should seriously consider taking MATH 343, either at 300-level or as a special topic at 400-level. Students should seek advice on their choice of programme.


You should normally take five or six courses from 300-level Statistics depending on your interests. Papers from Mathematics and/or other schools/departments can be substituted and will increase your options in your fourth year.