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What is Mathematics?
What is Statistics?
Why should I study those subjects?

Mathematics and statistics are living subjects with new processes, techniques and theories constantly being devised, tested and explored. The extensive use of computers in a wide range of academic areas has led to an increasing demand for statistical and mathematical analysis in many new fields. This means that mathematicians and statisticians are being asked to develop new tools and techniques to deal with problems in areas from business management to biology, as well as considering new insights being opened up in the more traditional areas of physical science and engineering. All this activity leads not only to new applications of mathematics and statistics, but to new theoretical work on the structure of the mathematics involved.

Members of the School are engaged in research in a number of fields within mathematics and statistics. The School has a research centre, the Biomathematics Research Centre, and research interests in the Centre For Bioengineering and the Allan Wilson Centre for Molecular Ecology and Evolution. We have strong links to other schools/departments, especially to Computer Science, Physics, Business and Economics and Engineering.

We offer a wide range of courses at all undergraduate levels. At 100-level there are several courses tailored to suit the varying needs and mathematical backgrounds of students entering university. The courses become more specialised at 200-level and above. Those at 400-level cover advanced aspects of mathematics and statistics that bring our honours students close to the frontiers of modern research. In between levels 100 and 400 you will find mathematics and statistics papers aimed not only at specialists in these subjects but also at students majoring in engineering, physics, computer science, biology, management, and a host of other disciplines.

University offers you the only chance you will have to study subjects that you find interesting under the guidance of experts (many of whom have substantial international reputations in their fields of expertise). Make the most of this opportunity by taking - and enjoying! - our offerings in mathematics and statistics.

Professor Jennifer Brown
Head of School