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Computer Resources

  • Computer Labs

    • Location: Computer terminals for students currently enrolled in Mathematics and Statistic courses are located in Lab rooms 033 – 038, in the basement of the Erskine Building and room 442, level 4 of the Erskine Building.
    • Hours of use: Lab rooms 033 – 038 are available 24/7 except when booked. After hours you will need your Canterbury Card to access the building and labs or you can use our remote access servers.
    • Front USB and audio socketsInstalled software: MATLAB, Maple, R, SAS, Microsoft Office, LaTeX, EndNote.
    • Printers: Printers are located in 034 and 037, which are the bays between the basement lab entrances. Printing is charged to your Canterbury card.
    • USB Ports: USB flash drives can be used on the computer terminals. Two USB ports are located on the front of the PC cases. However, the is no notification when they are inserted. You can find the drive in the "Other" section in "My Computer" listed as "Media on <hostname>".
    • Audio: Headphones with a standard 3.5mm plug can be plugged into the light-green socket on the front of the PC cases. The light-red microphone socket is inactive.
  • Remote Access

    • School of Mathematics and Statistics Windows Servers: Remote access to windows
      • For students and staff wanting access to applications such as MATLAB and Maple when outside the School, connected to UC Wireless or off-campus.
    • My Documents: Accessing your ICT "My Documents" folder (P: drive) remotely.
  • Using a laptop on Campus

    Once connected to the campus UC Wireless network, students can use remotely access the School Windows Terminal servers. Printing can be done from the remote desktop session - if connecting to mathlab1, only printing to a PDF file is available.

    Below are links to information pages on the ICTS website:

    Printing for staff and visitors is available via which provides windows and lpd print queues to the printers on level 4 and above of the Erskine Building. The print queues to choose begin with MATH-Erskine….

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