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Lesson Nine: Writing Mathematics

Mathematics must always be enclosed within either two $ or between \( and \), or between \[ and \] or between two $$, or within an eqnarray or equation environment. To enclose text within mathematics you must use a \mbox statement.

When looking at $\alpha$ or $\beta^2$ one
frequently find that the coefficient
\( \chi-\frac{1}{2} \) results in
\[ \bar{x}=\sum_{i=1}^n x_i \]
$$ \frac{\partial y}{\partial x}=y $$
and with the equation
\frac{\partial y}{\partial x} & = & \lambda

Download: latsam9.tex

This would produce...

output from above example
Figure 9.1 - Output from above example

End of lesson 9.

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