ConstruMath South 2012

Mathematics Workshop on applications of non-classical logic

This meeting was supported by Marie Curie grant PIRSES-GA-2008-230822 from the European Union, with counterpart funding from the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology of New Zealand, for the project Construmath.


The official proceedings are available here.

Date & Location:

Thursday 26th January - Saturday 28th January, 2012, at the Westport Field Station, on the South Island of New Zealand.

Workshop co-ordinators:

Maarten McKubre-Jordens and Raazesh Sainudiin
Mathematics and Statistics Department
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8041
Phone: +64 3 364 2987 extn 3823 or MATH reception: +64 3 364 2600
Fax: +64 3 364 2587
Email: and/or


This meeting was aimed at fostering the exchange of ideas between various disciplines; emphasizing links between mathematics, computer science, philosophy and statistics.

Tutorials and talks on various aspects of non-classical logics were run, with a view to using these aspects in other areas of research. Talks generally ran for about an hour, with a generous period of discussion and questions following. Thanks to the wide-ranging nature of the research interests of the group, this format proved to be very conducive to generating cross-disciplinary ideas and constructive critique. Participants also had the opportunity to explore the seal colony near Westport and walked from the colony to the lighthouse.


  • Epistemologically valid statistical experiments: an example with a measurable double pendulum (Raazesh Sainudiin)
  • Constructive methods in mathematics (Maarten McKubre-Jordens)
  • What's the Deal with Relevance? An Introduction to Relevant Logic (Ed Mares)
  • Paraconsistent mathematics (Zach Weber)
  • A constructive approach to the complexity of mathematical problems (Cris & Elena Calude)
  • Topological Logic (Nick Duncan)


Ty Baen, Bruce Burdick, Cristian & Elena Calude, James Dent, Nick Duncan, Edwin Mares, Maarten McKubre-Jordens, Igor Rychkov, Raazesh Sainudiin, Zach Weber, and Ruriko Yoshida. (ordered alphabetically)

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