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David Wall is an Associate Director of the Biomathematics Research Centre , and a member of the Bioengineering Research Centre , all at the University of Canterbury , Christchurch, New Zealand. He obtained qualifications in electromagnetic engineering before moving into applied mathematics. He currently collaborates with biologists, engineers and mathematicians.

He is at present very keen on research in biomathematics, and the list of of his current research interests.

Research Interests:

  • Mathematical biology,
  • Mathematical wave theory,
  • Inverse problems,
  • Applied dynamical systems 
  • Computational mathematics,

Current research thesis students:

  • Ealasukanthan Thavanayagam, Ph.D. Research Title: Modelling endothelium and smooth muscle interactions in arteries
  • Liene Daukste, Ph.D. Research Title: Cancer cell population modelling

"Field Work" - - Arrowsmith Mountains, NZ.

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