Current Research Projects:

Biological modelling of endothelial cells ansd atherosclerosis.

Biological modelling of invasive species - WEEDS see Biomath research website

Biological modelling of gonadatroph cells and luteinising hormone distribution.

Modelling the cell division process in cancer and its applications

Modelling the the biochemistry of homocysteine metabolism

Population models with history terms.

Modelling electroporation of cells.

  • Wave Propagation and Inverse Problem projects :

      Homogenisation problems in wave theory

      Computational solution of wave problems in elastodynamics, electrodynamics and acoustics with history behaviour.

      Inverse problems for wave propagation problems by utilising wave-splitting techniques

      Inverse problems for non linear wave propagation problems.

      Research Papers

      • Most of the papers in my bibliography  have appeared in print. Some of my unpublished or recently published papers are available here, below. The  icon indicates the availability of a Acrobat pdf  file which you can download.

      University of Canterbury Research Reports

        Below is out of date and is to be updated
      UCDMS2000/13 Dispersion in perifusion systems and data enhancement Report Abstract
      UCDMS187 A Hodgkin-Huxley model exhibiting bursting oscillations Report Abstract
      UCDMS186 The inward rectifier in a model of corticotroph electrical activity Report Abstract
      UCDMS185 Electro-permeabilization of a prolate spheroidal model of biological cells Report Abstract
      UCDMS173 A role of the endoplasmic reticulum in a Mathematical Model of Corticotroph action potential Report Abstract