Some of the most recent of David Wall's refereed journal papers: from 1990

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  • Britta Basse, Bruce C. Baguley, Elaine S. Marshall, Wayne R. Joseph, Bruce van Brunt, Graeme C. Wake, and David J. N. Wall. A mathematical model for analysis of the cell cycle in human tumours. J. Math. Biol., pdf file


  • Paul R. Shorten and David J. N. Wall. A model of dispersion in perifusion systems. J. Theor. Medicine, pdf file
  • Paul R. Shorten and David J. N. Wall. Fluid velocity profile reconstruction for non-Newtonian shear dispersive flow. J. App. Math. and Dec. Sci., pdf file


  • P. R. Shorten, A. B. Robson, A. E. McKinnon, and D. J. N. Wall. CRH-induced electrical activity and calcium signalling in pituitary corticotrophs. J. theor. Bio., pdf file
  • Paul R. Shorten and David J. N. Wall. A Hodgkin-Huxley model exhibiting bursting oscillations. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, pdf file


  • David J. N. Wall and Jonas Lundstedt. Inverse source problems involving the one-way wave equation: Medium function reconstruction. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 50: pdf file
  • Dag V. J. Billger and David J. N.Wall. A time domain algorithm for the reflection of waves on a viscoelastically supported Timoshenko beam. Q. Jl. Mech. appl. Math., 52: pdf file


  • Paul R. Shorten and David J. N.Wall. Signal restoration for a mass transport problem involving shear dispersion. Inverse Problems, 14: pdf file
  • Gerhard Kristensson and David J. N. Wall. Direct and inverse scattering for transient electromagnetic waves in nonlinear media. Inverse Problems, pdf file
  • David J. N.Wall and Jonas Lundstedt. On inverse source problems for the one-way wave equation. Wave Motion, 27: pdf file


  • T. Takenaka, D. J. N. Wall, H. Harada, and M. Tanaka. Reconstruction algorithm of the refractive index of a cylindrical object from the intensity measurements of the total field. Microwave & Optical Technology Letters,14: pdf file
  • T. J. Connolly and D. J. N.Wall. On some inverse problems for a nonlinear transport equation. Inverse Problems, 13: pdf file
  • David J. N. Wall and Peter Olsson. Invariant imbedding and hyperbolic heat waves. J. Math. Phys., 38: pdf file


  • Ingegerd Åberg, Gerhard Kristensson, and David J. N. Wall. Transient waves in non-stationary media. J. Math. Phys., 37: pdf file


  • Haruyuki Harada, David J. N. Wall, Takashi Takenaka, and Mitsuru Tanaka. Conjugate gradient method applied to an inverse scattering problem. IEEE Trans. Antennas and Propagation, 43(8):784–792, 1995. pdf file
  • Ingegerd Åberg, Gerhard Kristensson, and David J. N. Wall. Propagation of transient electromagnetic waves in time-varying media -- direct and inverse scattering problems. Inverse Problems, 11: pdf file


  • D. J. N.Wall. On some differential equation equations arising in time domain scattering problems for a dissipative wave equation. Transport Theory and Statistical Physics, 20:29–54, 1991


  • T. J. Connolly and D. J. N. Wall. On Fréchet differentiability of some non-linear operators occurring in inverse problems; an implicit function theorem approach. Inverse Problems, 6: pdf file
  • D. J. N. Wall. Uniqueness theorems for the inverse problem of elastodynamic boundary scattering. IMA J. Appl. Math., 44:221–241, 1990.