About my teaching

One of my main aims in teaching is to get students to see the connections between various parts of mathematics, thereby glimpsing the Big Picture which represents a mathematicianís view of the world. I also encourage students to think of mathematics both symbolically and visually, as these two modes of thought often support one another. Examples of this can be found in some of the resources below.

Teaching resources

  • MATLAB experiments in linear algebra (2010) to help students explore the meaning of basic terms from linear algebra, and to develop a feeling for typical behaviour of vectors and matrices.
  • MAPLE experiments in advanced calculus (2001-2007). The following MAPLE worksheets are modelled on similar resources from the Connected Curriculum Project.
    1. intro.mw An introduction to basic MAPLE commands.
    2. lab2.mw Critical points for f(x,y) and how to classify them.
    3. lab3.mw Line integrals: how to picture them, how they depend on the choice of path.
    4. lab4.mw Second order ODEs: how solutions depend on initial values, and interpretations for spring systems and simple AC circuits.
    5. lab5.mw Second order ODEs and Laplace transforms: how solutions respond to different forcing terms.
    6. lab6.mw Rates of convergence for Fourier series.
  • J. Hannah (2003). Maple labs: Calculus from all angles, Remarkable Delta:03 Communications (Queenstown, 2003) 122-128. (A conference paper reporting on some aspects of my use of the above resources.)
  • J. Hannah (1997). A context for introducing vector spaces. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 28 893-902. Version prepared for an accelerated first year class (1999)
  • J. Hannah (1996). A geometric approach to determinants. Amer. Math. Monthly, 103 401-409. Version prepared for an accelerated first year class (1999)

Teaching evaluations