Book Chapters

  • Direct Methods and Symbolic Software for Conservation Laws of Nonlinear Equations. In Z. Yan (Ed.), Advances in Nonlinear Waves and Symbolic Computation.  pp 19-78 (2009). New York: Nova Science Publishers with W. Hereman et al.
  • Continuous and Discrete Homotopy Operators and the Computation of Conservation Laws. In D. Wang and Z. Zheng (Ed.), Differemtial Equations with Symbolic Computation. pp 255-290 (2005). Basel: Birkhauser with W. Hereman et al.
  • Densities and Fluxes of Differential-Difference Equations. In Z. Li and W. Sit (Ed.), Computer Mathematics - Proceedings of Sixth Asian Symposium of Computer Mathematics ed. World Scientic, Singapore. pp 163-173 (2003) with W. Hereman.

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