Professor Michael PlankDr Michael Plank

I am a Professor in Mathematics at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and a Principal Investigator at Te Pūnaha Matatini.


I am an Applied Mathematician and Mathematical Biologist with research interests in ecological and social networks, population dynamics, size-structured marine ecosystems, collective cell behavior, and intracellular dynamics. Some of the tools I use in my research include stochastic processes, integro and partial differential equations, dynamical systems, spatial moment dynamics, statistical modelling, and parameter inference.


For a complete list of publications, see my UC Research Profile or my Google Scholar Profile. If you would like a copy of any of my publications, feel free to email me.

Here is a very brief CV

Potential postgraduate and Honours students

If you are interested in any of my currently available projects, please get in touch with me.

The University of Canterbury offers a limited number of Doctoral Scholarships (fees plus stipend), which are open to domestic and international students. There are also fees-only scholarships for Masters and Doctoral students.

Specific scholarships or job vacancies will be posted here when available. See also Te Pūnaha Matatini scholarships and Te Pūnaha Matatini student internships

Michael Plank, Room 614 Erskine Building, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Canterbury, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand
Tel: +64 3 3692462