Students, postdocs, researchers, professors: I have been influenced by a great number of people in my professional life. But there are some very special people who have been instrumental in setting me on my feet (never mind on a path) in applied mathematics. I would like to briefly introduce and thank my mentors here (in no particular order!).

  • Prof Frank Smith, FRS (UCL, UK), an applied mathematician of international stature, has been a model of excellence and productivity since supervising my PhD and continues to include me in his substantial research programme.
  • Prof Huaxiong Huang (York, Canada), known around the world for his modelling of industrial and biophysical processes and his development of the personnel and infrastructure to support such work, has guided my research development with generosity and patience for a number of years.
  • Prof Shu Takagi (Tokyo, Japan), listed among the top 200 scientists in Japan and one of the youngest professors at the University of Tokyo, has provided a model of a work ethic, depth of understanding, breadth of viewpoint, and deep mentoring of students which I can only strive to match.
  • Dr Miguel Moyers Gonzalez here at UC, a true partner in crime, an intelligent, funny, and kind man with whom I work closely on almost everything, because life is better when I do.
  • Prof Tim David here at UC, is an internationally-recognised expert on cerebral blood flow who has kindly involved me in several research projects, and mentored my development.

Latest update: 20151212.