2nd Announcement

February 28 - March 5, 1999
Edward Percival Field Station
Kaikoura, New Zealand
Updated 21/12/98

This is the second announcement (updated 29/1/99) for Kaikoura'99, a workshop/conference devoted to methodological issues surrounding phylogeny reconstruction and analysis.

  1. Programme
  2. Information about
  3. There will be no "submission of papers", but abstracts will be collated and circulated.

  4.  The workshop will be held at the University of Canterbury's 
    Edward Percival (marine) Field Station on the Kaikoura peninsula 
    (approximately 180km from Christchurch).  
    For a photo of the Field Station
    see http://www.zool.canterbury.ac.nz/fstat.htm 
    Except for invited participants, a NZ$100 (=US$60; students NZ$50) 
    registration fee, in cash or bank cheque will be requested to cover lunches, 
    refreshments and excursions.  Backpacker-style accommodation is
    available at the Field Station; alternatively a variety of 
    accommodation is available in Kaikoura.
  5.  Since the first announcement we have arranged with SYSTANZ 
    (Systematics Association of New Zealand) that the weekend of 
    Feb 27/28 will be devoted to the annual SYSTANZ meeting 
    (biologists from throughout New Zealand), while days
    immediately following (Mar 1-5; Mon-Fri) will be the 
    Kaikoura99 meeting proper. The SYSTANZ meeting will also be
    held at Field Station in Kaikoura. Thus, those who wish to also 
    learn something about current research on New Zealand biota
    might also wish to attend this meeting; if so contact
    Adrian Paterson (patersoa@tui.lincoln.ac.nz) or Dianne Gleeson

Dr. M. A. Steel
Director, Biomathematics Research Centre,
University of Canterbury,
New Zealand

Kaikoura'99 - likely participants u = undecided; d = definite. * = 20 min talk; ** = 40 min talk Outside New Zealand Tristan Armstrong (d) Tristan.Armstrong@anu.edu.au Ellen Baake (d**) baake@zi.biologie.uni-muenchen.de (28/2 (12:50am)- 14/3) Lindell Bromham (d**) lbromham@zoology.uq.edu.au Sebastian Boecker(d**) boecker@Mathematik.Uni-Bielefeld.DE(Feb-30/3) David Bryant (d) bryant@CRM.UMontreal.CA Benny Chor(d**) benny@cs.Technion.AC.IL Mike Charleston (d) michael.charleston@zoology.oxford.ac.uk (23/2-16/3) Robert Giegerich (d**/*) robert@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE Alex Grossmann (d**) Alex.Grossmann@genetique.uvsq.fr Jotun Hein (d**) jotun@pop.bio.aau.dk (22/2-25/4) Daniel Huson (d) huson@math.Princeton.EDU (16/2-14/3) Lars Jermiin (d*/*) jermiin@angis.usyd.edu.au Jim Lake lake@ewald.mbi.ucla.edu Tony Larkum (d) alark@mail.usyd.edu.au David Morrison David.Morrison@uts.edu.au Vince Moulton (d) vince@fmi.mh.se (13/1-- 13/3) Anne-Mette Pedersen (d**) annemet@pop.bio.aau.dk (22/2-25/4) Hidetoshi Shimodaira (d**) shimo@ism.ac.jp Chris Simon (d) CSIMON@UConnVM.UConn.Edu David Swofford (u) swofford@onyx.si.edu Joe Thorley (d) J.L.Thorley@bristol.ac.uk Tandy Warnow (u) tandy@central.cis.upenn.edu Louxin Zhang (d**) lxzhang@krdl.org.sg New Zealand Gary Barker BarkerG@landcare.cri.nz Barbara Brown BROWNB@tui.lincoln.ac.nz Thomas Buckley(d*) Thomas.Buckley@vuw.ac.nz Diane Gleeson GleesonD@landcare.cri.nz Charles Semple (d) C.Semple@math.canterbury.ac.nz Andy McKenzie (d*) acm56@student.canterbury.ac.nz Mike Steel (d) m.steel@math.canterbury.ac.nz Andrew Holyoake roo@zool.canterbury.ac.nz Mike Hendy (d**) M.Hendy@massey.ac.nz Dave Penny (d) D.Penny@massey.ac.nz Pete Lockhart (d) P.J.Lockhart@massey.ac.nz Kathi Huber (d) K.Huber@massey.ac.nz Leslie Collins (d) L.J.Collins@massey.ac.nz, Graeme Faulkner E.G.Faulkner@massey.ac.nz, Abby Harrison (d*) G.L.Harrison@massey.ac.nz, Barbara Holland (d*) B.R.Holland@massey.ac.nz Anna Meyer A.J.Meyer@massey.ac.nz, Leon Perrie L.R.Perrie@massey.ac.nz, Anthony Poole A.M.Poole@massey.ac.nz, Mary Morgan-Richards mary.morgan-richards@stonebow.otago.ac.nz
Talks (Partial list)

ALIGNMENT AND STRUCTURE Jotun Hein The Combination of Stochastic Context Free Grammars and Molecular Evolution to Predict RNA Secondary Structure. (40 min.)
Robert Giegerich Tree grammars for RNA structures - and dynamic programming recurrences for free (40 min)
Michael Shoeniger Finding errors in secondary structure based alignments of ribosomal RNAs.
Vince Moulton From circular split systems to RNA metrics (40 min)
Alex Grossman Geometry of Alignments (40 min)
David Morrison Cladistic and phenetic sequence alignments (20 min)
David Bryant Breakpoint analysis(40 min)
James Lake Pattern Fillering: Optimally recovering rate variation information from genomes and sequences.(40 min)
MODELS (I) Hidetoshi Shimodaira Model selection diagnosis with applications to phylogenetic inference (40 min. or 2 x 20 min).
Lars Jermiin* (i) New Strategies for Obtaining Phylogenetic Trees by Maximum Likelihood Analysis (20 min; slide projector).
Mike Hendy Maximum Likelihood using Hadamand conjection (40 min)
MODELS (II) - VARIABLE RATES OF EVOLUTION Thomas Buckley Comparing site-specific rates and gamma distributed rates models (20 min).
Anne-Mette Pedersen Probabilistic models of DNA sequence evolution with context dependent instantaneous rates of substitution' (40 min)
Lindell Bromham Evolving mutation rates (40 min).
David Penny Variable rates of change (40 min)
Lars Jermiin (ii) Assessment of Compositional Stationarity in Nucleotide and Amino-Acid Sequences (20 min; slide projector).
TREE RECONSTRUCTION AND COMPARISON - COMPUTATIONAL ASPECTS Louxin Zhang Mathematical and Algorithmic Issues of inferring Species Trees from Gene Trees (40 min)
Benny Chor Constructing trees from quartets (40 min)
Joe Thorley Taxon Stability
Sebastian Boecker Patching up X-trees (40 min)
Tony Larkum The problem of finding the true phylogenetic tree for Cyanobacteria
Robert Giegerich Tree edit distances - revisited, revised and (hopefully) revitalised (20 min)
Daniel Huson The Disk-Covering Method for Reconstructing Phylogenetic Trees
Mike Charleston TBA
Andy McKenzie Probability models on evolutionary trees
Pete Lockhart TBA (split decomposition)
THEORETICAL ISSUES: LIMITATIONS AND POSSIBILITIES Ellen Baake What can and what cannot be inferred from pairwise sequence comparisons? (40 min)
Charles Semple Tree representations of non-symmetric group-valued proximities (40 min)
Kathi Huber Buneman and Beyond (40 min)
Mike Steel Random models in phylogenetics

Bus services from Christchurch to Kaikoura:
                       CHRISTCHURCH TO KAIKOURA
                          NO.                     TIME        TIME
 Atomic                 322-8883       Daily      7.30am     10.15am
 Intercity              377-0951       Daily      7.30am     10.15am
 Southern Link Shuttle  358-8355       Daily      9.00am     12.00pm
 Sth Island Conn.       351-6726       Daily      12.00pm    2.45pm
 Intercity              377-0951       Daily      12.15pm    3.05pm
 East Coast             0508-830-900   Daily      2.00pm     5.30pm
 Compass                0800 500-180   Daily      3.45pm     6.30pm
 Touch of Class         03-319-5846    6          4.00pm     6.30pm
 Touch of Class         03-319-5846    week days  5.00pm     7.30pm
 Touch of Class         03-319-5846    7          8.30pm     10.30pm

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