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This is a mirror of Dimensions. “Dimensions” is two hours of math animation covering the 2-sphere, dimension 3 as seen by Flatlanders, dimension 4 and its polyhedra, complex numbers and the Hopf fibration. It concludes with a thorough, but visual proof that stereographic projection sends circles to circles. The website is a companion to the film in that its provides additional information on the topics covered.

This mirrored content is only accessible from the UC network. If you are viewing this page from outside the network, you will be redirected to the dimensions site if you try to download any of the files.

Tips for playing the films

The films are in the Quicktime “mov” format and subtitles are provided in separate files. You do not need to have Quicktime installed to view the films. The table below lists some suitable media players. Your choice of viewer will depend on your operating system, and whether you need subtitles.

Media playerSubtitle supportWindowsMacLinux
VLC player

Here some instructions for using Mac players and instructions for using Windows players.

Download the clips

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