Information for Prospective Postgraduate Students

Felipe Voloch
University of Canterbury

The New Zealand government has taken several strong measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Some of these measures are to close the border and stop processing visa applications. It is not known how long these restrictions will last but my university administration foresees at least until the middle of next year. With that, we cannot admit overseas students at the moment. I still welcome applications and requests for information but decisions are postponed until the situation changes.

I am accepting applications for a funded PhD scholarship in the Mathematics of post-quantum cryptography, to work on theoretical questions. The research will be on some or all of the following: isogenies, algebraic geometry, codes, lattices. The ideal candidate will have a strong undergraduate mathematics knowledge including abstract algebra, number theory and geometry. An MSc is a plus. Experience with computer programming and cryptography is desirable. This is a part of a collaboration with the group of Prof. Steven Galbraith at the University of Auckland and interaction with this group is expected.

This page is aimed mainly at students from other Universities interested in coming to the University of Canterbury to work with me. If you are a current UC student who is interested doing an Honours, Masters or Ph.D. thesis with me, come talk to me.

To be a postgraduate student here (as a Masters or Ph.D. student), you will need to be formally accepted by the University. Information about the enrollment procedure, academic and English language entry criteria, application forms etc.

Before I can support your application to the University as a postgraduate student intending to work with me, I need you to email me the following:

I. Your C.V. (résumé)

II. English Language Test score (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) if English is not your first language, in which case you should meet the minimum requirements of the University. English requirements

III. Academic transcript(s), GPA (grade-point-average, please include the scale) and rank in your class/department, if available.

IV. Master's thesis or senior thesis, published or accepted papers (journal papers, papers in conference proceedings, technical reports, etc) or preprints, if any.

V. Two letters of recommendation from your professors, sent directly to me.

I might also request further information and perhaps a Skype interview. Please contact me, if you have any questions