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Engineering Mathematics

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Course Title Occurrence


EMTH110Engineering Mathematics TutorialEMTH110-16S1 (C)
EMTH118Engineering Mathematics 1AEMTH118-16S1 (C)
EMTH118-16S2 (C)
EMTH119Engineering Mathematics 1BEMTH119-16S2 (C)
EMTH119-16SU2 (C)
EMTH171Mathematical Modelling and ComputationEMTH171-16S2 (C)
EMTH171-16SU2 (C)


EMTH210Engineering Mathematics 2EMTH210-16S1 (C)
EMTH211Engineering Linear Algebra and StatisticsEMTH211-16S2 (C)
EMTH271Mathematical Modelling and Computation 2EMTH271-16S2 (C)


EMTH413Special Topic - Partial Differential EquationsEMTH413-16S1 (C)
EMTH415Special Topic - Dynamical SystemsEMTH415-16S2 (C)


EMTH600Dynamical SystemsEMTH600-16S1 (C)
EMTH601Mathematical Models in BiologyEMTH601-16S1 (C)
EMTH604OptimisationEMTH604-16S2 (C)
EMTH607Cryptography and Coding TheoryEMTH607-16S2 (C)