Lie Symmetry Computations

The following pdf files shows the output from Exterior for several different cases.

Cartan's Method of Equivalence

The following pdf file shows the output from Exterior in a Cartan method of equivelence computation. It also illustrates the use of Exertior in generic exterior algebra type computations.


Version 1.12 of Exterior for Maple 12-18, Maple 2015 can be downloaded from here. Unzip the files into a directory and then add this directory to the libname variable in your maple init file (or maple session). The package may then be loaded via


Version 1.2 can be downloaded from here. It has been extended to handle some GR type computations. For example, the computation of the curvature of the Schwarschild metric in a moving frame, coordinate frame and a null tetrad see Schwarschild.mw


This has yet to be completed. There is some rudimentary help pages available with Maple itself (once the libname has been update to point to the Exterior package). The zip files include both .hdb and .help (for the latest Maple versions) format pages. The above worksheets document many commands from Exterior. A conference presentation on Exterior was given at the Joint Australian-New Zealand Mathematics Convention at Christchurch in 2008. It describes the mathematics behind the worksheet on Cartan's Method or Equivalence given above.


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