Publications on Discrete Mathematics

Mike Steel

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- last updated September 2, 2014

  1. Download PDFDress, A. and Steel, M. (2009). A Hall-type theorem for triplet set systems based on medians in trees. Appl. Math. Lett. 22, 1789-1792. abstract
  2. Download PDFDress, A. and Steel, M. (2007). Phylogenetic diversity over an abelian group Annals of Combinatorics 11, 143-160. abstract
  3. Download PDFBordewich, M., Semple, C. and Steel, M. (2006). Identifying X-trees with few characters. Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 13 #R83 abstract
  4. Download PDFDress, A. and Steel, M. (2006). Mapping edge sets to splits in trees: the path index and parsimony. Annals of Combinatorics 10: 77-96 abstract
  5. Download PDFSteel, M. and Hein, J. (2006). Reconstructing pedigrees: a combinatorial perspective. Journal of Theoretical Biology 240(3) 360-367. abstract
  6. Download PDFSemple, C. and Steel, M. (2002). A characterisation for a set of partial partitions to define an X-tree, Discrete Mathematics 247: 169-186. abstract
  7. Download PDFMeir, A., Moon, J. and Steel, M. (2001). A limiting theorem on 2-coloured trivalent trees. Congressus Numerantium. 150: 43-63. abstract
  8. Download PDFSemple, C. and Steel, M.A. (1999). Tree representations of non-symmetric, group-valued proximities. Advances in Applied Mathematics 23: 300-321. abstract
  9. Download PDFMoulton V. and Steel, M.A. (1999). Retractions of finite distance functions onto tree metrics. Discrete Applied Mathematics 91:215-233. abstract
  10. Download PDFBöcker, S., Dress, A.W.M., Steel, M. (1999). Patching up X-trees. Annals of Combinatorics 3:1-12. abstract
  11. Download PDFDress, A., Moulton, V. and Steel, M.A. (1997). Trees, taxonomy and strongly compatible multi-state characters. Advances in Applied Mathematics 19(1): 1-30. abstract
  12. Download PDFDress, A. and Steel, M.A. (1992). Convex tree realizations of partitions. Applied Mathematics Letters, 5(3): 3-6. abstract