Talks/Presentations and Travel


Steel, Michael Anthony (2018). Deciphering a species phylogeny from conflicting gene trees. CIRM. Audiovisual resource. doi:10.24350/CIRM.V.19418603

Winthrop lectures: parts 1-4 (PDF, 4.13 MB)
Winthrop lectures: parts 5-10 (PDF, 5.29 MB)
Winthrop University, South Carolina, USA. 28 June - 2 July, 2014

"Autocatalytic Sets and Models of Early Life" (PDF, 4.51 MB) video (,
Computational Theories of Evolution, Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing, UC Berkeley, March 2014.

"Tractable models for some discrete random processes arising in evolutionary biology" (PDF, 11.57 MB), UC Berkeley, April 2014.

"Locating an evolutionary tree when genes are absent or transferred" (PDF, 6.83 MB), Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing,
UC Berkeley, April 2014.

Can we avoid 'SIN' in the House of 'No Common Mechanism'? (PDF, 1 MB), Evolution, Oregon, June 2010.

Talk at SMBE (Lyon) (PDF, <1 MB), July 2010.

Beyond 'event horizons' talk (PDF, 2.7 MB), Montpellier, June 2008.

Talk at Phylogenetic Diversity Symposium (PDF, 2 MB), Evolution, June 2007.

'War on Error' talk (PDF, 1.01 MB), Evolution, New York, June 2006.

Talk at CWI (PDF, 1.82 MB), Amsterdam, June 2006.

Talk at MSRI (PDF, 1.96 MB), Berkeley, April 2005.

Talk at IFCS (PDF, 3.05 MB), Chicago, July 2004.


Some places that I'll be in 2014.

Some places that I visited in previous years.

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