Phillip L. Wilson

Senior Lecturer
PhD, PGCertTertTchg, MSci, MIMA, MInstP

School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND

Room 702, Erskine Building
Telephone: +64 3 364 2664
Fax: +64 3 364 2587
Email: phillip dot wilson at canterbury dot ac dot nz

PLW at Niagara

Want to do a PhD, MSc, Honours, or Summer project with me? Great! Read below to see the sorts of things I am interested in, have a look at the preprints available from the navi at left, and then email me (address above), and we'll see what we can do.

Research overview

The general areas in which I work are theoretical fluid dynamics and mathematical modelling in biology and industry. Current inspirations include the blood flow and chemical environments of the brain, how biological membranes get their properties, how falling granular bodies interact with one another, how wind flows past buildings and influences pedestrian comfort, the role of narrative in eduction, the philosophical question as to why applied mathematics is even possible, and more besides. Rather than me summarising my work here, I recommend that you follow Stephen Jay Gould's advice and return to the original sources: read my outputs available from the navi at left. (Since some projects are nascent and are yet to produce outputs, please feel free to contact me to learn more.)

I have occasionally attempted to explain the fun and excitement of mathematics to a general audience. I love doing so in the flesh and would be happy to come and talk to your school. I also write for the public, and most of this work is freely available on the web. Go to the "Official" Research Profile in the navi at top left. The pop science writing is listed as "Other" under "Publications".

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