Fluids in New Zealand is a research workshop and forum for discussing fluid mechanics in the broadest sense. Miguel Moyers Gonzalez and I proudly created this workshop and helped to organise the first edition, held at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand in 2013.

The workshop is designed to encourage and facilitate discussion and collaboration. The idea is to mix experienced researchers with research students, structured talks with free discussion, and experimentalists with theorists and numericists. The presentation of work in progress is as welcome as completed work.

This workshop is now established as an important feature of the fluid mechanics community in NZ, thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of a large number of people.

  • FiNZ 2017 will again be held at the University of Canterbury, 9-10 February
  • FiNZ 2016 (University of Auckland)
  • FiNZ 2015 (University of Canterbury)
  • FiNZ 2014 (University of Auckland)
  • FiNZ 2013 (University of Canterbury)

Latest update: 20170113.