Publications on Probability and Philosophy

Mike Steel

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- last updated August 24, 2017

  1. Download PDF Sober, E. and Steel, M. (2017). Similarities as Evidence for Common Ancestry — A Likelihood Epistemology. British J. Phil. Sci. 68(3): 617-638. abstract
  2. Download PDFSteel, M. (2015). Reflections on the extinction-explosion dichotomy. Theor. Pop. Biol. 101: 61-66. abstract
  3. Download PDFSober, E. and Steel, M. (2015). How probable is common ancestry according to different evolutionary processes? J. Theor. Biol. 373: 111-116. abstract
  4. Download PDFGravel, S. and Steel, M. (2015). The existence and abundance of 'ghost' ancestors in biparental populations. Theor. Pop. Biol. 101: 47-53. abstract
  5. Download PDFMolitor, D., Steel, M. and Taylor, A. (2015). The structure of symmetric n-player games when influence and independence collide. Adv. Appl. Math. 62: 15-40. abstract
  6. Download PDFSober, E. and Steel, M. (2014). Time and knowability in evolutionary processes. Philosophy of Science 81(4): 558-579 abstract
  7. Download PDFVelasco, J. and Steel, M. (2013). Axiomatic opportunities and obstacles for inferring a species tree from gene trees. Syst. Biol. 63(5): 772-778.
  8. Download PDFSober, E. and Steel, M. (2012). Screening-off and causal incompleteness: a no-go theorem. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 64(3): 513-550. doi: 10.1093/bjps/axs021. abstract
  9. Download PDFSteel, M. (2011). Can we avoid 'SIN' in the House of 'No Common Mechanism'? Systematic Biology 60(1): 96-109. abstract
  10. Download PDFSober, E. and Steel, M. (2011). Entropy increase and information loss in Markov models of evolution. Biology and Philosophy 26(2): 223-250. abstract
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  12. Download PDFSober, E. and Steel, M. (2002). Testing the hypothesis of common ancestry. J. Theor. Biol. 218: 395-408. abstract
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  18. Download PDFWood, G.R. and Steel, M.A. (1993). On a problem of Andersson and Perlman. Statistics and Probability Letters 18: 381-382. abstract