Presentation Program - Deely Conference

Note that this timetable is subject to change. Presenters should take note of where they are placed in the timetable. If there is a substantial problem please contact Mik Black.

Thursday, 5 July
9:30-9:45Conference Welcome
9:30Mik Black
Conference welcome
9:35Frank Lad
Opening remarks
9:45-11:00Plenary Session
9:45Jim Berger
Multiplicity in Testing - Types and Contrasts
11:00-11:30Morning Tea
11:30-12:30Invited Session
11:30Steve Samuels
Exploring the Mystery
Of Four Quite Different Best-Choice Problems
All With the Same Solution
12:30-1:30Lunch Break
1:30-3:00Contributed Session
1:30Raazesh Sainudiin
An Auto-validating Rejection Sampler
2:00Russell Miller
Zero-inflated and hierarchical negative binomial modelling of count data
2:30Jessica Utts
Learning Styles and Statistics Education
3:00-3:30Afternoon Tea
3:30-5:00Invited Session
3:30Jayanta Ghosh
Comparison of Benjamini-Hochberg and PEB and full Bayes Procedures in Multiple Tests ( for QTL mapping)
4:15Frank Lad
Two research results of John Deely: Frequency mimicing distributions; and the concept of Extropy (ex mentis)
5:00Drinks with Professor Deely (Staff Club)

Friday, 6 July
9:30-11:00Invited session
9:30Ron Christensen
Mystery "chalk talk"!
10:15Wes Johnson
Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data Using Mixtures of Polya Trees
11:00-11:30Morning Tea
11:30-12:30Roundtable discussion
11:30John Deely (chair)
12:30-1:30Lunch Break
1:30-3:00Contributed Session
1:30Steve Duffull
An application of MCMC methods for nonlinear hierarchical modelling in clinical toxicology
1:55Rod Ball
Adjustment to the BIC criteria for posterior probabilities of models in a Bayesian model selection approach to QTL mapping in selectively genotyped populations
2:20Andrew Gormley
Bayesian Population Modelling of Hectors dolphins: From assessment to prognosis
2:45Rick Millane
Bayesian approaches to image reconstruction
3:10-3:40Afternoon Tea
3:40-5:00Contributed Session
3:40Russell Millar
Assessment of Locally Influential Observations in Bayesian Models
4:05James O'Malley
Bayesian Approaches to Multilevel Covariance Analysis
4:30Philip Schluter
Hierarchical Bayesian methods applied in medical research: the JJD effect
5:30Conference Dinner

NZSA 2007 Team