Presentation Program

Note that this timetable is subject to change. Presenters should take note of where they are placed in the timetable. If there is a substantial problem then contact the NZSA committee. The last presenter of each session will also be the chair.

Presenters should take note of the procedure for submitting electronic presentations on the abstracts page.

Emeritus Professor John Deely will give a plenary talk at 9:40, entitled “Against All Odds”.

 Stream 1, Room 446Stream 2, Room 031Stream 3, Room 445
TimeSession 1aSession 2aSession 3a
Statistical Methodology Sample Surveys Statistical Genomics
10:50 — 11:10 Robin Willink
“A Logical Difficulty with Regression Analysis: the Estimation of Non-Existent Parameters”
Ricardo Enrico Namay II
“Assessment of Imputation Methods for Integrated Business Data”
Sarah Song *
“Statistical Methods for Microarray-Based Gene Set Analysis”
11:10 — 11:30 Yuichi Hirose
“The fourth-root-n consistency and the efficiency of profile likelihood”
Michael Hayward *
“Stratified Sampling for Skewed Populations: Beyond the Cumulative Square Root Rule”
Steven Wu *
“A Novel Statistical Model to Identify Biomarkers in 2D Proteomic Gels”
11:30 — 11:50 Francesca Marta Lilja Di Lascio
“Comparison between K–Means and Hierarchical Clustering of Dependent and Independent Data Generated from Multivariate Gaussian Copula Function”
A. James O’Malley
“Optimal Survey Design When Nonrespondents are Subsampled for Followup”
Janine Wright *
“Incorporating Genotype Uncertainty Into Mark-recapture-type Models For Estimating Abundance Using DNA Samples”
11:50 — 12:10 Professor Martin Hazelton
“Bias Reduction for Kernel Estimates of Density Functionals”
Alastair Scott
“Estimation in Multiple Frame Surveys”
Steven Miller *
“Filling in the Blanks - Inferring Genetic Relationships Between Individuals Based on Incomplete Information”
TimeSession 1bSession 2bSession 3b
Statistical Methodology Confidentiality Issues Biometrics
13:10 — 13:30 Dr Nazim Khan
“A General Algorithm for obtaining Standard Errors within the EM algorithm Framework”
Lisa Henley & Mike Camden
“Census Tables: Richness, Structure and Risk”
Matthew R. Schofield *
“Climate Reconstruction”
13:30 — 13:50 Jason Phillip Bentley *
“Bayesian Analysis of Linear Regression Models Using Exact Markov Chain Monte Carlo”
Alan Lee
“Generating Synthetic Unit-Record Data from Published Marginal Tables”
Judith L. McWhirter
“Who has Mud on Their Hands? A Bootstrapping Technique for Determining a Fingerprint for Sediment Tracing in the Whangapoua Harbour”
13:50 — 14:10 Jeffrey J Hunter
“Coupling and Mixing Times in Markov Chains”
Alistair Gray
“Global Recoding, Information Loss, and Confidentiality”
Dr Roderick D. Ball
“Case Studies in Association Mapping”
TimeSession 1cSession 2cSession 3c
Statistics Education Social Surveys Environmetrics
14:15 — 14:35 Mike Camden
“Statistical shifts and the Curriculum”
Geoffrey Jones
“Nothing to Worry About: Problems in the Disaggregation of Expenditure Statistics”
David Fletcher
“Confidence Intervals for Expected Abundance of Rare Species”
14:35 — 14:55 John A. Harraway
“A Review of a Visual Teaching Resource for Statistics and Modelling in Schools”
Judith Archibald
“The Post-Enumeration Survey-Features of the Estimation Methodology”
Arier Lee *
“Screening Potatoes for Resistance to Late Blight”
14:55 — 15:15 John A. Harraway
“The Development of Teaching Resources for Statistics and Modelling”
Lyndon Walker *
“Modelling Social Change: The Parameterisation of Log-Linear Models to Measure Inter-Ethnic Cohabitation Patterns in New Zealand“
Roger P. Littlejohn
“Hidden Markov Models for Feeding Data from Groups of Red Deer”
TimeSession 1dSession 2dSession 3d
Statistics Education Resources Social Data Medical Statistics
15:40 — 16:00 Ian Westbrooke
“Exploring Data on a Rare Threatened Bird - the Rock Wren”
Rissa Ota
“A new New Zealand Static Microsimulation Model — Challenges with Data”
Gregory Falzon *
“Breast Cancer Diagnosis using SHG Laser Microscopy and Statistical Image Analysis”
16:00 — 16:20 Adam N. H. Smith
“Maui's Dolphin: Uncovering a New Subspecies”
Paul J. Bracewell
“Text Mining of Te Puni KMkiri Project Data”
Debbie Leader *
“Incorporating Biological Information into the Tumour Classification Process”
16:20 — 16:40 Michelle Wood
“Data Quality: A Business Statisticians Greatest Challenge”
Alasdair Noble
“Small Area Estimation for ILO-Unemployment”
Jennifer Wilcock *
“Comparison of Optimal and Balanced Two-Stage Case-Control Designs Under Cost Constraints”
16:40 — 17:00 Sharleen Forbes & Emma Mawby
“The First SURF: a Synthetic Unit Record File for Schools”
Walter Davis
“Measuring Labour Mobility in New Zealand”
In Kang *
“Independent Component Analysis and Statistical Parametric Mapping of the Relationship Between Personality and Brain Blood Flow in Normal Males”

* Student Prize Candidate

NZSA 2007 Team