Frequently Asked Questions

This page aims to answer most of the FAQ's about NZSA 2007

What do I tell the taxi driver to the venue?
Erskine Building (previously Maths, Stats, and Computer Science Building), Ilam Campus, at corner of Engineering and Science Roads.
What presentation formats are suitable?
Essentially, whatever you want! All the standard electronic forms: PPT, PDF, etc. Slide presenters with laser pointers provided.
Whiteboards and OHP's (or document cameras) are available in all rooms.
The computers will play DVD's/CD's, standard movie formats, etc.
Certain rooms have Sympodiums available. Please make the NZSA committee aware of your desire to use these before the event.
Presentations are due the day before the conference, and will all be loaded on the PC's in the lecture theatres in advance. If you wish to use your own computer then discuss this with the chair of your session.
If you have any special requirements then please discuss them with the NZSA committee immediately
Can I receive an invite?
The front page from the website provides an invitation to attend the conference and submit a presentation
Only the plenary speakers will be provided a full formal invitation

NZSA 2007 Team