Young Statisticans

Who is a ‘Young Statistician’?

A Young Statistician is someone who is studying statistics or has graduated in the last 5 years and is working or studying in a statistics related area. You don't have to be young to be a Young Statistician - just new to the profession.

Travel Grants

Students who are members of NZSA can apply for a travel grant. Apply to Jennifer Brown.

Student Prizes

A prize is given for the best student presentations sponsored by Hoare Research Software.

Young Statisticians Social Event

The Young Statistician Event is proudly sponsored by Statistics New Zealand.

Why have a young statisticians event? Why should I come?

  • It provides a great opportunity to meet other young statisticians outside of your work place.
  • It will give you a chance to find out what other people who are also early in their career are working on and where they are working.
  • An event such as this is a great way to extend your networks in a social environment.


Drinks and nibbles after the NZSA AGM.

Guest speaker: Jim Young
Jim has had the opportunity to work in many areas of statistics through out his career (official statistics, academia, private consultancy, the pharmaceutical industry, a university hospital and in contract research). He'll be talking to us about his career path and lessons he learnt along the way.

This will provide us with an insight into the various employment opportunities available in statistics. We will also be able to learn handy hints and gain advice from someone who is further along their career path than ourselves.

Hope to see you all there!

For more details, email the NZSA 2007 Team.

NZSA2007 Team